We are looking for Highly Motivated individuals that are ready to take a major step in their life and make a Change with their Health and Nutrition!  This Challenge is not only about getting into better shape, but it’s about changing your life.  Is this YOU?  Are you willing to spend 8 Weeks of your life, to transform yourself?  If you said YES to this, then we are looking for YOU! 

We give our OATH that we will help you:

  1. -Lose Fat

  2. -Build Muscle

  3. -Have Better Nutrition Habits

  4. -Be Motivated To Smash All of your Goals

  5. -Make changes in your daily life that will overall help your Health & Wellness

  6. -Teach you things that you NEED to know to live a better and more fulfilled life

  7. -Have an absolute BLAST doing it

BUT there is something that we need you to pledge for us as well! 

Individuals must:

- Be able to follow our program 4 days a week for 8 weeks (at home and/or in studio)

- Log all food through our journals and follow our Nutrition guidelines

- Highly motivated to make a real change in their life

- Want to lose fat, build muscle and feel good

- Ready to take action on their lives to reach a brand new fitness monument

- Have solid goals they want to achieve

If this sounds like you, then you are who we’re looking for! 

SIGN UP NOW and TRANSFORM your life!  We can’t wait to help you and show you why you should want MORE out of yourself and life!

Are YOU Ready to Change Your Life?!

“Make your enthusiasm for success stronger than your fear of failure and you will become unstoppable.”

-Martin Rooney